How to register

Registration in Catalogue is very simple and takes only a few minutes:

  • Click Registration button in the right upper part of page

  • In the card “Creating account in” enter the basic contact data, company data and address data

  • After completion, to e-mail account, entered during registration the message will be sent, allowing User to activate account by clicking on indicated link

  • The last step is e-mail, informing of account authorization, which means that data entered during registration have been initially verified, and User may freely browse devices prices and take advantage of all Catalogue functions (see point: Advantages of registration in ).

Why us
Why us We are Polish distribution company, supplier of industrial devices and software. Our offer is addressed to companies, which...
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Registration benefits
Registration benefits If You want fully use functions of our internet service, You should register on site – Your...
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How to negotiate prices Catalogue offers registered Users the possibility of price negotiations, i.e. achieving the individual price offer for devices from global producers...
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