iMod – boiler room monitoring

By using the iMod telemetric module, the boiler room becomes fully automated – all processes are realized automatically, according to pre-defined logical criteria…

A boiler room is a room, a whole installation in principle, in which a steam or heating boiler can be found amongst other devices. A boiler is used to create thermal energy in the form of hot water. This water is used as an agent for heating rooms (central heating installation) as well as for hot water flowing from taps. Boiler rooms are fueled by solid fuels such as coal or wood as well as by liquid fuels such as liquid gas or heating oil.


Controlling boiler room operation

By using the iMod telemetric module, the boiler room becomes fully automated – all processes are realized automatically, according to pre-defined logical criteria. By using the simple PLC application, the device will adjust the amount of heat produced in the boiler to the demand for it, assuring maximum efficiency. Control of settings can take place through regulation using a time program that has been pre-defined by the user or depending on changes in outside temperature. This makes it possible to reduce heating costs and to optimize boiler room operating parameters depending on the outside weather conditions.

Controling boiler room operation

The iMod device can control and adjust work parameters for optimal boiler room operation for individual devices entering into the entire boiler room installation, such as:

  • automatic fuel dosage,
  • control of the boiler controller, which adjusts boiler output to the actual demand for heat,
  • control of the slant of the air access flap of the boiler,
  • control of the ventilation system in the room,
  • control of the circulation pump system,
  • control of individual solenoids.

Monitoring boiler room operating parameters

Monitorowanie processes taking place in boiler room

In addition, the user gains the capability to control boiler room operating parameters and to control devices manually – remotely through an internet browser or locally using HMI panels – if necessary. For this purpose, external M-7000 modules are used, making it possible to connect a practically unlimited number of various types of sensors. The iMod telemetric module constantly collects information from sensors, and by analyzing the collected information, it is able to optimize boiler room operating parameters. The user is able to gain access to such resources of the boiler room installation as:

  • room smokiness sensor,
  • water temperature sensor,
  • sensor of gas concentration in the air,
  • sensor of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere,
  • boiler pressure sensor,
  • sensor of water level in the buffering tank (if present in the installation),
  • boiler efficiency,
  • energy efficiency.

An iMod platform used in a boiler room installation becomes the most important element of the automated system. It finds applications as a measuring, monitoring, alarm, and control module. An undoubted advantage of a device that is to operate constantly is also its wide range of operating temperatures - from -40C to +70C.

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