NPE services SD cards up to 2GB of capacity and has a built-in fast flash memory of up to 1GB capacity which makes this device a functional datalogger. Data can be stored in an SQL database (SQL Lite, PostgreSql) as well as in files of any structure. Access to the data can take place at any moment by:
  • FTP client
  • database client
  • www page

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NPE as a serial port converter
There is often a need for remote access to devices with serial port interface. A typical solution to this situation is communication through ...
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NPE as MODBUS Master/Slave/Gateway
NPE can work both in Master mode and Slave to the Modbus protocol...
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NPE as SNMP server
NPE has an implemented SNMP service thanks to which it can be connected to a uniform system managing devices based on this protocol...
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NPE as Network GPRS Router
GPRS/EDGE Communication has found widespread applications in industry as well as subjects of public utility...
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NPE as an internet server
The NPE computer can operate as a fully functional internet server based on software of international quality...
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