Registration benefits

If You want fully use functions of our internet service, You should register on site – Your account service in the Catalogue is free.

Due to registration each User gets 10% discount, visible after logging in*. Additional discounts may be achieved by price negotiations or taking part in one of many Catalogue promotions.

Each registered user may:
  • Realize online orders

  • Use constant help of Technical Department

  • Track order realization progress and monitor shipments

  • Negotiate prices and use received offer in any time, as it is not limited in time

  • Take advantages of partnership program ProfitBASE and freely manage the collected ProfitPoints
  • Report technical or service requests trough TechBase Support Portal
Registering in a2s Catalogue is simple and takes only a few minutes – create account and see for Yourself it is worth it.

* products prices, visible in Catalogue without logging in include 10% discount.


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