Remote Weather Monitoring


The NPE/iMod telemetry module is not only a device for industry. It is also a perfect solution for Meteorology, where it can operate as a data logger or a notify module. With the use of proper sensors, the NPE/iMod operates as a fully functional weather station.

Weather monitoring

NPE/iMod in Weather monitoring

Due to internal communication interfaces such as RS-232 or RS-485 and analog inputs, the NPE/iMod industrial computer collects information from various sources at the same time. The NPE/iMod device has virtually unlimited possibilities of connecting external devices such as:

  • external and internal temperature sensors
  • humidity sensor
  • barometric pressure sensor
  • solar radiation sensor
  • wind speed and wind direction sensor
  • detector and sensor of rainfall amounts

Weather visualisation

NPE/iMod - graphical representation of current weather conditions

With the above sensors, the NPE/iMod telemetry module becomes a perfect tool for weather monitoring. The built-in GPRS modem and the infrastructure of the GSM communications operators enable the weather system manager to access the weather information from this fully automatic weather station, even if it is located hundreds of miles away.

Constant Internet connection provides selected users with unlimited access to relevant information. This can be performed with a Web browser visualization or with the built-in NX Dynamics Web graphic interface. The NPE/iMod provides constant communication and high efficiency, which is a basic requirement for such devices.

Weather notification

NPE/iMod – SMS weather notification

With the use of several NPE/iMod computers, you can create a whole weather monitoring network on a large geographic area. Such a solution enables weather forecasting and sending weather alerts to a group of people (e.g. by SMS) in order to prevent the effects of changes in weather conditions.

Such a system might be exceptionally useful in agriculture, where an instant information about the weather conditions may protect against loss of crops or in huge urban areas, where it can help with efficient evacuation.

Weather parameters archiving

NPE/iMod – weather data registering

The NPE/iMod telemetry module is equipped with an internal memory card and the SD card support with up to 2GB of storage capacity. It enables frequent weather data recording and rare data backup. The data can be saved as CSV files. This function helps with export to office applications and as an SQL database, stored both in the device or on an external server. This helps to archive data for possible future reference.

In addition, a constant Internet connection enables the NPE/iMod computer to send data from weather stations to national information centers, so that every user can check the information on current weather, regardless of the location.

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