Every time a user wants to gain access to NPE/iMod using the Ethernet network interface, he must know the IP of the device. Complications can occur when a service with an automatically assigned IP address (DHCP) has been started on an NPE/iMod device, and no DynDNS domain has been assigned to the device. By using the SearchNPE application, the user has the capability to easily and conveniently find all NPE/iMod devices in a network.


What is SearchNPE for?

This application searches the indicated range of IP addresses in order to find an NPE/iMod platform. This range can be defined arbitrarily, and the undoubted advantage of this application is the capability for searching the entire subnetwork (by using the notation of i.e. 192.168.*.*).


The scanning time is dependent on the number of IP addresses being searched – it can take from several seconds to several minutes. After finishing scanning, the application lists all NPE/iMod devices found in the network.


Base of saved devices

The integrated database is an interesting solution. It makes it possible to remember devices that have been scanned in the network earlier.

Screen aplikacji SearchNPE

Devices that have been saved in the database beforehand are displayed in two colors during the next scan:

  • green,
  • grey,
  • white.

The green color signifies that a device is still in the network and that it is active, and the gray color signifies that the device has not been found in the network. The white color signifies that a device has been found in the network but that it has not yet been saved in the database. This function works well when the user is trying to quickly identify new or lost units in the network.


Additional functions

Besides the IP address, the user has the capability to use the SearchNPE application to view such device parameters as:
  • MAC adress
  • NPE ID (unique device identifier)
  • Firmware version
  • time of device operation
  • GPRS connection status
  • DHCP service status
An additional convenience for finding a selected NPE/iMod model is the capability of remote BUZZER activation – a sound signal coming from the device.

This option has also been implemented in the SearchNPE application. Besides this, the application enables fast transition to dedicated web platforms running on the device, such as: 

An up-to-date version of the SearchNPE application can be found using the link below:

Download SearchNPE
See iMod series devices

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