Case Overview
The end user takes pride in providing their customers with the best system that will fit the security needs.

Access Control system is compatible with standard Card readers, Bar Code Decals, RFID Transponders, Proximity, Key fobs, Clickers.

Hardware Device
The Secura Key TOUCH CARDR Reader
Models: SK-034 and SK-029 read Secura Key cards
Outputs: Wiegand, Mag Stripe, RS-232
* Door opens when the card/data is valid; closed otherwise.

Application Requirements
- The hardware device needs to meet tampering environments (0°C to 45°C)
- Conventional power utilities used RS232 serial interface for communicating. It needs serial servers to convert and uplink to Ethernet networks.
- It communicates with the control panels through serial ports, modems, TCP/IP
- Web (HTML), and Windows Based Configuration Utility
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iMod - new function: PSQL Event
A new function has been introduced in the iMod telemetric module – the capability of writing Postgre SQL data to a local or external database using a Message channel.
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VPN on NPE industrial computers
A Virtual Private Network is a safe tunnel used to send encrypted data between distant local networks or users in the virtual private network through a public network – mainly the internet.
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Details on making WWW visualizations
The iMod platform finds a wide range of applications in distributed system as a telemetric module as well as a communication and control module...
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iMod – boiler room monitoring
By using the iMod telemetric module, the boiler room becomes fully automated – all processes are realized automatically, according to pre-defined logical criteria…
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iMod – New functionality: two-way SMS communication
The iMod telemetric module has an option with a GSM/GPRS/EDGE Class 10 modem operating in three ranges (900/1800/1900 MHz). These modems are ideally suited for installation where information collected by the device is sent over large distances.
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iMod Case Study: Wind farm monitoring
The iMod telemetric module finds wide applications in monitoring and output management of a single wind turbine as well as of the entire farm.
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The iMod as a fully functional PLC controller
The iMod telemetric module, besides many functions that are ideally suited for use in the fields of telemetry and industrial automation, has been equipped with a new function - PLC.
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iMod – thermal node monitoring
The iMod, based on the NPE platform as a telemetric module, finds wide applications in thermal node monitoring in large heat transfer stations as well as in compact units.
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iMod – a scripting source channel
The iMod telemetric module has the capability of using BASH scripts as a source of data. This capability can be used in different ways, including two-way SMS communication support.
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iMod PLC in refrigerating engineering
The iMod telemetric module has a wide range of applications in the field of automation. One of the many branches of industry in which the iMod fulfills the expectations of clients, and the requirements for control systems, is refrigerating engineering.
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iMod configurable automation controller with expansion modules
Thanks to external M-7xxx modules from the ICPDAS company, the iMod telemetric module has been expanded by additional inputs and outputs.
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Controlling iMod telemetric module using a TPD series touch HMI
The TPD series of small touch control panels makes it possible to expand the range of capabilities of the iMod telemetry module...
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iMod - remote supervision for wastewater pumping stations PC2000W
Thanks to the apache webserver included inside iMod we have developed a complete hmi application that includes synoptic, pump data, station data, alarms and logger files...
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Appplication for RS232 to RS485 converter
    If you ever wanted to connect to device in the same building (e.g. to machinery on production hal) and to you have to go...
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Communicating with older industry systems
    Considering the advantages of modern computer communication technologies, especially Ethernet, it is in place ...
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TRM-202-DW converter
NPE as Modbus gateway for ECL Comfort series Description of the application monitoring heat nodes
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Public Transportation System
More and more cities around the world use non-contact IC card readers to collect fares of buses, subways, and parking. This application story...
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Target Control System-Public Service
The shooting practice room in the police department has a controller station which manage the targets that police shooting at. The system uses a...
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Sewage Processing System
Information (data including sewage flow rate and operation time of sewage processing equipment) from sewage monitoring stations in a city, is...
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Power Substation Monitoring and Control System
Case Overview The substation integrated automation system is important equipment to the construction of the power gird engineering. The...
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Wireless Distance Report
This article encompasses actual examples of Atop devices put to field installations. These success stories provide a testament to the maturity of...
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KODT3000 in Relief Water Supply Project of Niger
In the recent years, the areas alongshore have suffered from a severe water shortage because of the almost cut-off flow of Niger River caused by less rainfall, worse dry weather, spreading plankton, worse desertification etc. Some reservoirs are lack of water seriously.
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KIEN9001 in Shanghai Bao Steel Project
Shanghai Bao Steel is one of the largest metallurgy manufacturers in China and has been one of the Fortune Global 500 companies for two consecutive...
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Monitor System of Water Supply & Drainage of Yangshan Deep Water Port
Yangshan port has set a new era of establishing large-scale modern container hinge port area based on complex terrain far away from continent. The...
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KYLAND Cooperated with Siemens - Xinjiang Wind Power
Xinjiang is one of the areas with the most abundant wind resources in China and its wind energy reserve is 912.7 billion kilo-watt just after Inner Mongolia.
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Yunnan Honghe Steel Factory
In the automation technology of iron and steel industry of China, the PC control with PLC, DCS IPC etc has replaced regular analog control and has been popular in the steel enterprises.
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KYLAND KODT 2200 were successfully applied in Benz production line
Totally 26 sets of KODT2200 were successfully applied in Spraying power monitor system of Beijing – DaimlerChrysler factory.
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KYLAND Cooperated with ABB -Tibet Railway
Qinghai-Tibet Railway is built at the highest altitude in the world. It is the longest rail (1142km) in the world and passes through the harshest environment from Qinghai to Tibet in the northwest of China.
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KODT2200 in Fujian State Electric Power Distribution
In the recent years, Ethernet/Internet structures have been applied widely in electric power gradually and become the mainstream of electric power...
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KYLAND Cooperated with Schneider - Henan Highway
KIEN2000 and Schneider T200 in Henan Highway Electronic Power Monitor System. The key products are 28 sets of KIEN2000—2S.
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Modbus gateway
Industrial: Optoelectronic Industry Product: TFT LCD Display Site location: HsinChu,...
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