TechBase Support Portal - introduction

All technical problems and service requests should be reported by the TSP (Techbase Support Portal)

Reported errors may address the following issues:
  • Technical support,
  • Service request,
  • Software bug,
  • Shortcomings or errors in the documentation (user, data sheet, a web page).

Registration and logging in
To make an application, go to the adress and log in using your username and password from the catalogue. If you do not already have an account, you can register online at:

After registering, click the activation link which you shall received on an e-mail address provided during registration. Your account will be activated. Then wait for the authorization made by our Sales Manager, who will contact you to verify the data.

With activated, authorized account, we can fully benefit from the TSP website.

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How to make service request by Techbase Support Portal?

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