Technical application

To properly submit the application on the TSP site must register (read introduction) and:
  1. enter the web page ,
  2. enter your username and password from catalogue,
  3. chose Add new issue (Pic. 1)
Pic. 1 – Add new issue
  1. define a project, we have to choose:
  • Technical support
    - General inquiries
    - iMod Platform
    - NPE Industrial Computers
    - Other products
  • Shortcomings or errors in documentation
    - iMod Platform
    - NPE Linux
    - NX Dynamics
    - Other products
  • Report software bug
    - iMod Platform
    - NPE
    - NX Dynamics
    - SearchNPE
    - SoftMGR and other packets
    - TRM
    - Other products
  • Service request
    - NPE/iMod/TRM Computer
    - Other products
  1. complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk), and describe exactly your problem, optionally add an attachments along with a description and click Save (bottom left corner of the screen - Pic. 2) which will send notification.

    Pic 2 – Save function

    When you save you should receive notification by e-mail address given at registration in the catalog informing about the creation of a new issue.

  2. team of technicians analyze the application and then accepts or rejects,
  3. receive an email with the decision - change status notification "Accepted" or "Rejected"
  4. oyou will also obtain information about the progress in work on the solution of reported problems - comments, questions from the technicians, the answers to our questions, everything is done through the TSP website.
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