Packages release notes 2013-04-08

Publication date: 2012-04-08
Last modification: 2012-04-08

Current version: 1303281359

New features

  1. 3G modem (F3607GW) support
  2. NPE-PCIE bus support
  3. Present connection type (3G, HSPA)
  4. PAP support and CHAP authorization type

Fixed bug

  1. Fixed no incoming 'sms' using 3G modems
  2. Fixed '' script
  3. Fixed 'SMS service creates empty directory in root \' script
  4. Fixed 'gprs led blinks despite the modem is disconnected' script
  5. Fixed 'after gprs is reconnected the DNS settings are set to default' script

Previous issues

  1. GPRS: No signal level during registration
  2. GPRS: 'ERROR: Wrong modem type - no GPS' is displayed after 'gprs connect' using GPRS/EDGE modem

Upcoming new functionalities

  1. GPRS: Force 'gprs' connection mode on 3G modem
  2. GPRS: GPRS LED state change during initialization
  3. GPRS: Extend 'Default route' to 'manual' option

How to update the package?

Use the following command: softmgr update gprs.

Planned date of launching new version:

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