Certified computers for industry


The offer of a2s catalog has been extended by Axiomtek industrial computers. These are small size devices, designed for industrial purposes.

Common features

The computers are adapted to work in a wide temperature range. Fanless metal casing enables continuous and trouble free operation in difficult industrial conditions. The computers are characterised by small size and low power consumption. The unquestionable advantage is the possibility to configure the devices with options such as:

  • • GSM modem
  • WI-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • • Components that can work in a wide range of temperatures (RAM, HDD, SSD)

eBOX series


The eBOX310 series computers have the E-Mark (E-13) and ISO-7637 certificates – they allow to install the electronic devices in means of transport – cars, trucks or buses. An example use is in the remote vehicle monitoring systems


See the use is in the remote vehicle monitoring systems
See the eBOX series computers

rBOX series


The rBOX series computers are wildly used both in industry and commercial applications. They are distinguished by the possibility to work in extremely severe temperature conditions from -40oC to +70oC.

One of the possible use of the rBOX computers is an automatic fair collection system with video surveillance and passenger information.


See the use of the automatic fare collection system
See the rBOX series computers

tBOX series


The serii tBOX series computers are solutions for use requiring the EN50121/EN50155 railway certificates. The devices may be equipped with a graphics accelerator, which distinguishes them among typical industrial computers.


  • 4 isolated RS-232/422/485 ports
  • 2.5" "hot swap" SATA socket
  • 2 PCI Express Mini Card slots

See the tBOX series computers


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