TechBase Solution Partner - Terms and Conditions

TECHBASE Group Sp. z o.o. company has introduced an innovative Affiliate Program TechBase Solution Partner, to ensure real benefits to each Participant. We just give you more than others!

I General informations

TechBase Solution Partner is a set of privileges, which rcives the company which is a participant in the Affiliate Program. The program is organized by the TechBase SA (Organizer). The current set of privileges associated with participation in the Program is presented in the information materials distributed by the Organizer. A set of privileges can be changed.

II Affiliate Program objectives

The program aims to encourage participants to learn and use innovative technology solutions offered by the Organizer.

III Joining the Program

To join the program must declare their willingness to participate by filling out the registration form.
After verification form and meet all the conditions mentioned therein Organizer gives the status of the Program Participant.
In exceptional cases, the organizer reserves the right to refuse to accede to the Programme.

IV The costs of participation and rules of removal from the Affiliate Program

Participation in the program and the resignation are completely free and it is possible at any time.
Both the Participant and the Organiser may at any time decide to exclude the participant from the Program.

This text is only indicative in nature. Take a look at the full version of the Rules.

Terms and Conditions of  TechBase Solution Partner (Polish)



What is TechBase Solution Partner?
Answer: It is the Affiliate Program, addressed to registered users, aimed at rewarding solutions built on the iMod platform.

What are advantages of TechBase Solution Partner?

Answer: This Affiliate Program consists of a series of amenities available only to its members.

Who can participate in Affiliate Program?

: Participation in the program is open to any registered and authorized user who is interested in constructing solutions on iMod platform.

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