Become an iModCloud System Developer

Who is an iModCloud developer?

Deweloper is a person who develops a project based on the iModCloud service.

If you know how to use iModCloud, you can be a developer of the system. All the necessary tools are at your disposal - start with your project right now.

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Example use of iModCloud:

What is iModCloud?

iModCloud is a cloud computing service, offering a comprehensive package of functionalities.

  • Telemetry,
  • remote control,
  • remote data access,
  • data storage,
  • data management,
  • data analysis.

These are only a few features of iModCloud.

iModCloud is a tool, which enables you to create your own parameter access and data management system.

What are your project's requirements?

iModCloud provides a comprehensive managing solution for your project, regardless of its size or range. You can control current data read from sources distributed around the world - all the information is available in real-time on the screen of your mobile device. Data access has never been so easy.

Read more about iModCloud and try out the demo version

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